is a Wife and Mom who is taking a stand in this war on our children. She delivers a great message for parents and brings a world of knowledge to this all from a parents perspective who has been affected by this all.

Alvin Lui,

President of Courage Is A Habit, a group helping to defend your children from indoctrination. Alvin’s group wants to help parents navigate the alarming issues within the educational system with his first of its kind education platform. Alvin is also an Illusionist and Magician.

Ute Heggen
Trained early childhood specialist,
taught in public school and other settings for more than 25 years.
Ute Heggen’s husband revealed a shocking truth: he’d started a secret life and no longer identified as male. Ute, a mother of two young sons, thus became a grass widow, a woman whose husband, during a personal crisis, forged ahead into opposite sex identification.

Jana Lunden
one of the founders of the Natural Women’s Council that was launched on 7-7-22 speaks about the proposed changes to the Junior Cycle SPHE/RSE curriculum. See below the draft submission people can adapt and to the NCCA as part of the public consultation that is open for feedback until 18th October.

Paul Dirks
Has appeared before the Canadian Senate on Bill C-16 and regularly trains on the topics of sex & gender in faith and non-faith settings. He is also the Lead Pastor of New West Community Church.

Dr. Linda Blade
Has written a compelling book that paints a vivid picture for the reader of what is at stake for women’s athletics by allowing males to self identify into the female category of sports. Blade makes it clear that we compete in sports with our bodies, not our identities. Fairness and opportunities for women are being lost.

Eva Kurilova
Author and a guest essayist for Reduxx. A regular contributor at Gender Dissent, Eva is passionate about promoting lesbian activism and protecting women’s sex-based rights. You can find her traversing the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada with her partner and their husky,

Pierre Barnes
Is a father of four who has done extensive research on the books that are currently being normalized in some Canadian public schools, thanks to controversial sexual orientation and gender identity agenda’s including the SOGI123 curriculum.

Billboard Chris
I’m a father of two girls and I decided to take a stand against gender ideology. Children should be free to be who they are — not indoctrinated to believe they were born in the wrong body. Puberty blockers are the first step in a medical pathway that brings physical harm to children. We are lied to about the effects of these drugs, and the cross-sex hormones which almost always follow. As the High Court in England laid out, children cannot give informed consent to these harmful, life-altering drugs. Our politicians refuse to listen, and our media refuse to report, so I’m having conversations across North America, one person at a time.

Dan Kleinman
Is a “library watchdog. A clearing house for information about challenging books in schools.”  Dan has successfully affected all libraries, significantly improving safety for children nationwide. Arguably the best legal expert on porn in libraries in the USA as acknowledged by CIPA author Ernest Istook who called him a ‘trusted source’

Dr. Em
Exposes the endemic nature of bullying and child sexual abuse in the charity sector

Monya Metis
Health & Mental Health for 20+ years. Private and public sector, NGOs — specialised in Trauma-informed practice, infant-parent mental health [attachment]; chemical & behavioural addiction with people experiencing ‘altered states / psychosis and hearing voices’ … Education : Social Sciences(Research), Public Health, Mental Health (Clinical work).”

Robin Atkins,
LMHC has a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. She has been providing counseling for 18 years with a wide variety of populations. In addition to being a survivor of child molestation and rape, Robin spent 4 years working with pedophiles and survivors of child sexual abuse. For the past 8 years, Robin has specialized in Reproductive Mental Health. Since 2019, Robin has spoken out publicly against the implementation of gender ideology and queer ideology in schools.

Jeremy (Sire) Williamson

 Is an Christian Husband and Father, who also happens to be an intersex male. He has been standing up for families and parents for the last 8 years, and has worked to expose the truth about what intersex is, and how people with intersex conditions are being used to further a radical destructive ideology that harms individuals, as well as families, and causes cultural decay on catastrophic scale. Jeremy has a podcast on rumble called “The Eminent Sire’s Pontifications” “” which he intermittently posts to, pontificating on issues and topics he finds important for culture and family.