Ann E. Gillies, Ph.D.
Is trained jointly in psychology and theology. Dr. Ann’s call and passion for ministry come from Isaiah 61: 1-3. She is an ordained pastor, an international speaker, author, and founder of a ministry which seeks to educate and inform politicians, community leaders and pastors across Canada to Restore the Mosaic of our God given identity. Ann is a wife, mother to six children, 12 grandchild and one great grandchild. She spent over 25 years in private counselling practice working extensively with trauma survivors.

Ann served for 15 years as a chaplain and co-ordinator with The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, in Canada, leading chaplaincy teams into places of disaster and teaching Sharing Hope in Crisis. Dr. Gillies’ deep concern for our children, the most vulnerable among us, has thrown her into the Trans Movement fray.

Her education and work in the field of trauma, as well as a lifetime of personal experience have led her to writing extensively in the area of trauma and sexuality.

Dr. Gillies books include: Deep Impact: Integrating Theology and Psychology in the treatment of Complex Trauma; Closing the Floodgates: Setting the Record Straight on Gender and Sexuality; Damaged by the Predators Among us and most recently Implosion: When the Pendulum Swings too Far. Ann is our Canadian Advocate Dr. Gillies’ missive is to: Stand Firm Walk Cautiously and Live Courageously

Dr. Michelle Cretella
President of the American College of Pediatricians, a board certified pediatrician and member of the CMA. She was elected to the College’s Board of Directors in 2005. Prior to being elected President in 2015, Dr. Cretella chaired the Adolescent Sexuality Committee, Pediatric Psychosocial Development Committee, and Scientific Policy Committee. In these roles she became one of the College’s chief researchers, writers and spokespersons on issues of pediatric mental and sexual health.

Dr Dianna T. Kenny is an experienced psychologist in Sydney who offers a range of services including individual adult psychotherapy, child, adolescent, couple, and family therapy, mediation and family dispute resolution, and medico-legal consultancy.

A former professor of psychology at The University of Sydney, Dianna is now a consulting, developmental and educational psychologist and psychotherapist who provides a range of psychological services to adults, children, adolescents, couples and families, including psychological assessment, psychotherapy, specialist treatment for music performance anxiety, mediation, family dispute resolution, and medico-legal consultancy.

She is also an expert court report writer, researcher, and author. She has authored bestselling books on child development, child sexual abuse, psychotherapy, gender dysphoria, and music performance anxiety. She has consulting rooms in Concord (Inner West), and Glebe (near Camperdown, Newtown, Ultimo, Darlington, and Annandale).

Jenny Kyng
A Registered Nurse, graduating in 1988. After a couple of years working in general medical and haematology wards, she gravitated to working in an inner city public drug and alcohol facility and later spent many years working in an eating disorders ward.

In 2010 Jenny began studying counselling and psychotherapy, graduating in 2013 with a Masters Degree in these disciplines. She continued to run groups and began seeing private clients regularly. After a 30 year career spanning Australian hospitals and clinics in Sydney and Hobart, to which she had moved with her husband in 2014,

Jenny retired from nursing to focus exclusively on group therapy and private counselling work in 2019. Jenny has a particular interest in trauma and abuse recovery and has for many years been a follower of the critical psychiatry movement, which views mainstream mental health care as inappropriately focused on the non-evidence-based “disease” model, excessively inclined to prescribe medication and physical treatments such as electro-shock therapy, and insufficiently attentive to the role of trauma and adversity in the development of emotional distress and behavioural difficulties. mission of reducing and hopefully eliminating the many harms being done to children as a result of Queer Theory and gender identity ideology dominance in schools and most other institutions, including medical and psychological institutions.

Jay T. Allen, MD is a board certified family physician with 23 years of military experience, Including deployments to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. This was followed by 6 years of civilian practice in the Mid-Coast region. He practiced in a broad range of settings (from Army medical centers to remote aid stations) both domestically and in international settings. As a medical student and resident he was also active in medical politics including service as an Army Representative to the Resident Physicians Section of the American Medical Association and several national positions within the Student Section of the American Academy of Family Physicians. As the third of four children born to a minister, Jay has dedicated much of his life to service both within the church and within the community. He is currently a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He has served as a bishop, high councilor, Sunday School teacher, unit clerk, and as a full-time missionary (the Paris Franc Mission). In 2020, he was the Republican nominee for Maine’s 1st Congressional District, losing to the 6-term incumbent in the general election. He and his wife, Sandy, have six grown children and five grandchildren spread across the country.