Meet The Clinical Mental Health Professionals
Behind Unmasking The Trans Movement
and a little about our Broadcast Team.

Jon Uhler L.P.C.

Jon K. Uhler is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider, and is forensically Certified in the Hare Psychopathy Checklist.

Jon is founder of SurvivorSupport.net

His professional clinical background spans over 30 years, with clinical specialties dealing with sexual trauma and dissociation, Severely Emotionally Disturbed adolescents, sex offenders, and psychopaths.

He designed the first intensive treatment program in the US, where he managed to accrue more clinical contact hours in long-term solitary confinement than any other prison psychology staff member in the US or Canada.

He oversaw treatment of a High Intensity prison sex offender treatment unit for Sexually Violent Predators, and oversaw treatment in a prison mental health housing unit and outpatient general population dual diagnosis treatment.

He designed and operated a 12-bed community-based intensive-treatment adolescent residential program. He founded and managed the largest mental health services referral network in Southern CA for an international EAP.

He served as an adjunction instructor for Geneva College for 8 years in their adult degree completion program, teaching courses on Counseling, human services, and abnormal psychology. In addition to his full time counseling practice.

He services as host of Journey to Healing, a live weekly broadcast, on TECN.TV (Fri, 8-9pm, EST), actively he manages his training site, ChurchProtect.org, writes for his blog, SurvivorSupport.us, produces video interviews and documentaries on matters related to protecting women and children via the Predator Watch podcast.

He was featured in the documentary Shattered, intended to bring light to the need for lawmakers to ensure the passage and maintenance of tough criminal sentences for men who have sexually offended.

He has provided written and/or oral professional testimony for lawmakers in Canada and Australia, in response to efforts to pass so-called “anti-conversion” therapy. Additionally, he has been an outspoken critic of: the Trans Movement, the push toward normalizing and legalizing pedophilia, the push to legalize prostitution, the push to allow deviant men into women’s sports, their private spaces, and the push to house male inmates in women’s prisons.

Brad Wylder – Host

Brad has had a career in Broadcasting and Journalism for over 30+yrs. From Radio to Tv, he has provided a wide variety of of stories both on / off the air and camera from across Western Canada.

Brad has also been published several times including special interest stories and articles to hard hitting news. His investigative efforts are relentless with a constant drive to get answers, truth and facts!

A Big Welcome To Our New CO-HOST Dr. ANN E. GILLIES

Dr. Ann E. Gillies – Co-Host

Ann E. Gillies, Ph.D., received her call to ministry in 1982. Her call and passion for ministry come from Isaiah 61: 1-3. She spent over 25 years in private counselling practice working extensively with trauma survivors, seeing lives restored and transformed. Ann retired from practice in 2019 to focus on advocacy and political reform, for the traumatized; those struggling with unwanted sexual attractions and for the most vulnerable – our children.

Books By Dr. Ann E. Gillies

Closing the Floodgates is a moving and shocking look at the progression of society away from cultural diversity. In her book, Dr. Ann Gillies outlines the cultural errors forwarded by lobby groups and political strategists to undermine the general health and success of Canadian families, ultimately describing how the future emotional and physical health of children in Canada is at constant risk. Readers will receive a sobering outlook at the future of society in Canada but at the same time, will be alerted to their responsibilities as Bible-believing Christians in light of these events.

This book is a compilation of memories and facts regarding the greatest taboo, pedophilia: the grooming and horrendous abuse of children. It is a book about the very things that the rest of the world doesn’t like to think about. Everyone has a story… This is ours.
This book is a warning. Paedophilia is morally wrong and any push to normalise this practice is saturated by evil and scientifically ignores the evidence-based trauma that paedophilia inflicts in childhood and later on in adulthood. As an experienced trauma specialist, Dr. Gillies is brutally honest regarding the effects of paedophilia, the sexually predatory nature of the paedophile and the role of pornography in this.